Momentum Stocks

What are 'Momentum Trades'

Momentum trades is an investment strategy that aims to capitalize on the continuance of existing trends in the market. To participate in momentum investing, a trader takes a long position in a stock that has shown an upward trending price. The basic idea is that once a trend is established, it is more likely to continue in that direction than to move against the trend. We have identified a winning momentum strategy that has a superior performance track record. Over the past two years, we average 10% gain per trade with an average holding period of 2 months.

What to Expect

When you subscribe to Momentum Trades, you will be expected to trade before the market closes on the day of the alert.  For example, our alert is typically sent by 3:30 PM EST – We expect that you will trade before the market closes for the trading session at 4 PM EST.

Using the Table  

The “Recent Price” indicates the market price between 2:30 and 3:30 PM (EST -NY Time).

Before the market closes – enter your buy order at the “Buy Stock At Close Below this Price” limit”. You may enter a market order or limit order.

For example, in the table above you would place a buy order for LITB if and only if LITB is below the Price of $3.20 before the market closes for the day

Momentum Stocks Report 04 /17/17
Stock Symbol Company Name Recent Price Buy Stock At Close if Below This Price
LITB Lightinthebox Holding Co $2.60 $3.20
FPI Farmland Partners Inc $10.25 $11.25
CALP Cross America Partners LP $24.50 $27.00
TOO Teekay Offshore Partners LP $4.95 $6.25
INWK Innerworkings Inc $9.30 $10.10
VIPS Vishops $13.34 $13.77

You may either log into your account to see that trades or check your e-mail for the momentum alerts.