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How To Get A Six Figure Income Trading Rolling Stocks?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, take action now and within minutes you’ll have the resources to build an investment portfolio that will fund your new and exciting lifestyle.  Are you ready to find out how good you can be at this?


Here at MyRollingStocks, we’ve been covering this beat for more than two and a half decades. When publications like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and AARP need an expert opinion about rolling stocks or stock patterns where investors like you can get the most bang for their buck… they call us.

That’s because every week MyRollingStocks  is jam-packed with secrets, hard-to find trades, nuggets of useful information real-world recommendations for saving money, making money, living better, embracing adventure, and enjoying the life you have always wanted…

MyRollingStocks is where we share the full rolling stocks story, share insights, advice, and guidance from our many researchers of rolling stocks.

We’re the experts… and there’s a whole world of trading information and benefits that we reserve exclusively for our subscribers.

It’s nothing complicated. It’s a simple, very accessible investment play. A way to add to your retirement nest egg while you’re retired… instead of watching it dwindle.

Three months ago, we told our subscribers about Whole Foods Market (WFM) (Amazon has since bought Whole Foods) – however that stock was rolling between a high of $32 and a low of $28. It rolled several times before Amazon stepped in with their offer (when it broke out to $42).  Back then, you could get in for between $28 and $29. Today, that investment would be worth $42. A nice gain, don’t you think?

Six months ago, we pointed our subscribers to Agilysys (AGYS) this kind of play again in Agilysys (AGYS) … and watched as the values soared. A subscriber who bought then for $9.54 could sell today for $10.58.  That 105% gain does not seem like much – but repeat that 4 times for the year and smile on your way to the bank.

As an MyRollingstocks subscriber, you’ll know exactly where the deals like that are. And how—even with very little in the bank—you can take advantage of them.

Each week reseaches and publishes information on rolling stocks (channeling stocks).What are rolling stocks? By definition, a rolling stock offers at least three buying opportunities in a 12 month period which will each yield as least a 10% return. Rolling stocks move between a support price point (sometimes referred to as the floor) and a resistance price point (referred to as the ceiling). When these stocks visit the price point at the floor level – it is time to pick them up (buying opportunity). When they rise to the ceiling it is typically the time to sell.

How it Works

How to use the chart (Buying a Stock)– Looking at the table above will display the support and resistance levels of the stock – one way to determine where to buy the stock is by buying at or close to the support (in this case $40). Because the support and resistance levels are not always clear cut and defined, another way to determine where to buy the stock (entry point) is by looking at the green arrows that form when the three indicators signal a buying opportunity (the three green arrows will line up vertically).

TYME -Tyme Technologies - Support $1.05 and Resistance $1.75

MBIO -Mustang Bio Inc - Support $2.65 and Resistance $4.50

GENC -Gencor Industries Inc - Support $1.21 and Resistance $1.40

STOK -Stoke Therapeutics Inc - Support $21.00 and Resistance $30.00


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